What our clients say

Here are just a few genuine comments from those responsible for selecting us as a supplier. Where necessary, we came up with new and inventive solutions, to fit their specific business needs.

Sarah from the YMCA

''We liked the icon design of the system we were shown, as it came across as being clear and easy to use – essential with the wide range of  users we have. And as it can work on PC’s , tablets and smart phones, we could see that it would give us the flexibility we need. The good thing was that not only is it a Purchase Order software system, but it also has the invoice approval software module, so we can link invoices to PO’s for approval." read more.

Mike from ITG

"We had a need for a powerful sales and margin tracking system for our ever increasing print design services business. DOL took time to understand our complex needs and delivered a really dynamic solution that is tailored for our specific requirements".  

Melinda from Florette

"We had a demo of DOL's generic systems, but we needed a Purchase Requisition version with departmental value based approval, combined with  Goods Received workflows and they provided it to meet our specific business needs! Excellent work that's made our internal processes so much better controlled". 

Adam from Mamas and Papas

"We chose DOL to provide a tailored Purchase Order system for 5 of our key departments, including Hong Kong, because we liked their flexibility of approach and the low cost of deployment! Post go live they have been excellent in supporting us with any and all queries".