The Simply Purchase Order system

What information do I need to add into the system to start using it?

Using the Add Item icon on the home screen, you have the ability (using on screen system templates), to create your own list of suppliers (with email addresses for the PDF Purchase Orders), delivery addresses, invoice addresses, and Cost Centres (with associated Nominal Codes if applicable). You can also change the Purchase Order Terms & Conditions for suppliers (initially we supply systems with our standard T&C’s).

How do I close a Purchase Order ?

On the Home screen there is a close PO icon. You can select the PO you want to close, and add a reason for doing so (for audit purposes) e.g. you have had the goods ordered, in the volume / quality / time required.
Once closed the PO is moved to a Closed PO status.

What browsers can I use to access the system?

The latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox should be used to gain access to full system functionality. The system will also work with the latest versions of IE, and Safari (for Apple devices) but you may notice some styling issues, and some access issues due to security settings these browsers have.

Am I limited to the number of users I can have?

No. The Simply Purchase Order system is essentially for smaller organisations. If you have more than 10 users it would be worth looking at the full Purchase Orders Online software where a concurrent licence model is available.

Can I import and link documents (e.g delivery notes) to PO’s I create?

Yes. This is one of the Simply system functions. You can import and then index (link) documents to existing PO’s using the relevant screen icons

What if I want to have customisation of the software?

The Simply software system is not customisable.
Should you be looking for enhanced functionality and features e.g. adding Supplier Invoices to the system,  then we recommend you look at the full POPIA system. Users of the Simply Purchase Order solution will be able to upgrade to these more powerful solutions in the future should they need to expand their current system.

Is there a Supplier Invoice module available?

Yes. However this would mean looking into a different system we can offer you.  If you follow this link you will find full details and pricing 

Can I use the system on any device?

Due to the design and functions the Simply software will work best on all PC, Lap Top, Netbook and tablet devices, in conjunction with latest browser versions. It will also work on smart phones, but will offer a  limited range of options to the user due to screen size i.e. Log on / log out to the system, and access to Tasks, where PO's can be approved or other tasks processed.

Are there limits on the storage we are allowed?

The generic system comes with 10Gb (equivalent to some 150,000 tiff image docs, or 600,000 Word files stored). This should be sufficient for most organisations, but additional storage is available as an option (see Pricing Section).

Where is the system hosted?

In a fully secure UK data centre; we additionally take a daily copy from the data centre to another secure location as part of our DR policy.

How long does it take till we have access to a system?

From order and receipt of relevant upfront payments, your system will be available in  approximately 7 working days. You will be sent the relevant URL and log in details for the users by email.

Do you have any other products or systems ?

There are other products in the Documents OnLine portfolio including Contracts Management and HR OnLine. To get more information return to our home page. Our sister company The IPC Group also has a wide range of Information management services and solutions which can be found at www.ipcgroup.co.uk