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What is Simply Purchase Orders?

It is a low cost, easy to use but full featured, electronic Purchase Order System, which is hosted by us for you, in our secure, private UK cloud based data centre. Simply Purchase Orders is ideal for all small to medium sized companies which want a low cost way to monitor and control their purchasing processes. As it is part of our Documents Online family of powerful software products, it can grow as a system with you, as your business changes. There are a host of useful functions and features, including closing PO’s once fulfilled, a full reporting suite and the ability to select an approval route for PO’s. See more at features and functions


How much is it?

The standard version will cost you just £75 plus VAT to set up. We will create your own version of Simply Purchase Orders system, including your own company logo on the PO template. Then you just pay for the users you need on a monthly basis, and a support 'bank' – it’s that simple!



How does it work?

With our do-it- yourself version of our main procurement software we’ll import your logo to the PO templates and reports and set up your users, then you simply set up your supplier lists, cost and nominal codes etc. You can opt for approval for PO's and our simple purchase order software allows you to import any supporting documents and close PO's when the purchasing cycle is finished. The 4 tab PO creation screen shares many of the key features from the main systems and you can try the simple purchase order system online before you buy! 



Try before you buy!

You can log into a generic version of the system at any time, and try it out for yourself - create suppliers, cost centres and test purchase orders. Just remember we clear all data down on a daily basis!