Features and functions include:

  • Easy to use PO creation template (4 tabs)
  • Multiple line ordering per PO
  • Cut and paste line descriptions from other sources (e.g. catalogues)
  • Justification for ordering field
  • PO fields and naming conventions tailored for client needs
  • Multiple currency and tax fields
  • Cost centre, Department, Nominal code fields
  • Justification for ordering field
  • Standard account or credit card or dd / so allocation
  • Tailored approval workflow processes for PO’s
  • Rejection option at all stages (PO returns to creator for action)
  • Ability for PO creator to alter and re-submit PO’s
  • Auto send of approved PO PDF to supplier by email
  • Email alerts at all approval stages including getting a copy of the sent PO
  • Daily reminder email alert to users with outstanding tasks to perform

Supplier Invoice Approval Module:

  • Import invoices and supporting documentation functions
  • Scanned invoices or electronic files e.g. PDF
  • Match invoice to correct PO
  • Add customisable meta data indexing
  • Link invoice to PO and send to PO creator for approval
  • Auto approve at Finance level option
  • Add supporting documents such as delivery notes
  • Email alerts for PO creators as to invoice approval tasks
  • Pay in full / part pay / request additional information options
  • Comprehensive tailored report suite e.g. invoices to fully pay / part pay (see below)
  • Export data function for approved invoices
  • Export fields set to match target account systems e.g. SAGE
  • ….and much more!


  • Rate supplier function
  • Admin interface for adding new suppliers, delivery and invoice addresses, T&C’s
  • Upload and index any type of documents and associate with a PO (e.g.quotes)
  • Full range of EDM functionality such as print, thumbnail views, annotation
  • Administration module with task reassignment functionality.
  • Full transaction history for audit
  • File download, email from screen, view related documents
  • Electronic Add Action function
  • Create an internal PO only function

Reports Module:

A full suite of customisable reports tailored for each client based on system meta data is available. Data can be exported as a report in a number of standard formats e.g. CSV / Excel. For example standard reports include:

For Purchase Orders:

  • All PO’s
  • PO’s by Cost Centre / Nominal Code
  • PO’s issued
  • PO’s rejected
  • PO’s awaiting approval
  • PO’s by currency
  • PO’s by supplier
  • PO’s closed
  • PO’s cancelled


For Purchase Invoices:

  • All invoices
  • Invoices awaiting approval
  • Invoices to be paid
  • Invoices to be part paid
  • Invoices paid by credit card
  • Invoices approved