HR OnLine Features and functions include:

  • 2 system interfaces - Employees and HR / Admin

  • Recruitment function with supporting documents

  • Move people to Active Staff or Leaver status

  • Upload supporting documents to customised file section in
    the HR record

  • Customisable access for all documents e.g. employee
    line manager, HR only

  • Set review dates for all documents

  • Ability to set documents for deletion

  • HR dashboard for all upcoming reviews and deletions
  • Full audit trail (History)

  • Create employee with alerts as to incomplete document checks

  • Multi level search functions

  • Custom report suite tailored on all system meta data

  • Output  system data in CSV or EXcel format

Self Service module:

  • On line forms for recording attendance
    including overtime

  • System produces on line summary for approval

  • Records different categories of absence (sick, maternity leave etc)

  • Custom workflow of approvals allows managers to reject or cancel submissions

  • Data can be exported as CSV or Excel format to support payroll process

  • Import current rota schedule

  • Auto publishing of rota(s) for staff to access

  • Set up staff in one or more rota groups

  • Manage /change staff within groups

  • Employee submission of holiday / leave requests

  • All staff holiday view

  • Customised approval workflow

  • Employee dashboard on approval status

  • Staff can request / advise on change of personal data


  • Customised employee document check list

  • Full range of EDM functionality when viewing documents
    such as print, thumbnail views, annotation

  • File download, email from screen, view related documents

  • Electronic Add Action function

  • Saved Searches for all system folders and search within folders

  • Knowledge Base search facility