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When a user has planned absence from the business and will be unable to process their tasks they can use the “My Out-Of-Office” tool to set the period of time they are going to be out of the office and also choose a designated member of staff to process tasks on their behalf, the user can also choose to redirect PO and Invoice tasks to different users (see screenshot below).


In the event that a user is out of the office on unplanned leave the administrator, normally someone in the Finance Department, can view and amend all users’ out of office settings and choose who to temporarily redirect the user tasks to (see screenshot below).

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In the event a new task is assigned to a user currently set to be out of the office the system automatically re-assigns the task to the nominated user and automatically alerts the assignee via email that they have tasks to process.

The out of office module is a standard feature available and covers tasks for approving both PO's and Supplier invoices.

There is also an optional Admin module, that allows a central administrator to take tasks off a user on a one by one basis. This is used normally for situations where approvers are sick or have other unplanned abscence, when the out of office function is not applicable.