Mobile Interface

The Purchase Orders Online range of systems is fully HTML5, and is best utilised on devices that have a minimum 7” screen (tablets upwards) with good internet connectivity, due to the design and layout of the systems.

However we recognise that for some users – those approving Purchase Orders or Supplier invoices - may need access to the system via smart phones, when not in the office. Accordingly we offer a specific mobile interface, that simply features the system log in icon, and the Tasks icon.
Once logged into the system (user name and password) the user will be able to view their current Tasks in the system. The Tasks folder (as per the main interface) is where actions will be located to be taken by the user. These will be presented as a list on the mobile device.

The user can then carry out approval (or rejections) of selected items, as per the main system display. Users will be able to view the Purchase Order or Supplier document images and Properties of that PO before making decisions.

As per the main system, users will get email alerts to new tasks and also the daily reminder of all tasks, on their phones, assuming they have email compatibility.

The application will work for iPhone, Windows and Android smart phones (see list below of supported mobile formats with minimum displays):

Supported platforms:

iPhone 5 running iOS 6 and above

Android 4.0 and above

Windows phone 8.1 and above

Minimum screen resolutions:

iPhone – 320 x 568; Android – 540 x 960; Windows phone – 480 x 800