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Step 1- Exporting Invoices

Users can review all the invoices that could be exported (excludes invoices awaiting approval) using the Invoices to Export folder, in Saved Searches.

Step 2

Having reviewed what’s available for export, users would go to the home screen and click on the new Invoice Export icon (see below)

Step 3

From here they can elect to export all invoices with a status of for example ‘to be paid in full’ and run the report via Save, once they are happy with the selection.

Step 4

By default the system will email the output CSV file to a nominated user, for them to then upload it to the target accounts package.

The system will intuitively know what invoices have been exported and update the system accordingly, so users can’t export the same invoices again by mistake. All exports from the system are kept in the ‘Invoice Exports’ folder in saved searches for audit purposes.