Copy Purchase Order

For some client users, ordering repeat goods from (say) the same supplier is a frequent occurrence; for example, facilities will regularly order items such as stationery, where the supplier will be the same, as will nominal codes etc. What will change will be quantities being ordered and possibly pricing.

Rather than the Purchase Order creator having to fill out all the standard PO templates afresh, we now have a Duplicate PO function available. The user retrieves a previous PO from saved searches (or their Recent Documents) and by using the Duplicate function (see screen shots below) can alter any of the properties of that PO and then save them as a new PO.

The system shows in the header tab that they are in the process of duplicating an existing PO, and once saved will create the revised template that will then go for approval.

Yet another system refinement to save users time from Purchase Orders Online!


Copy PO Function

Select an existing PO


Copy PO Function

Using the Duplicate button you create a copy to alter


Copy PO Function

Make the changes, press save and the system creates a new PO (no 24 in this case)