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A budget function is available under the ‘Add Item’ icon in the system which is configurable. Clients may set budgets by department or project, and may wish to link these to cost centres or nominal codes, thereby cutting down user input errors. The system also allows a date to be set for expiry of the budget, whether the budget has been fully used or not.

Creating a Budget

Each time a Purchase Order is raised in the system, its value will be checked against the budget, will then add to the amount used field and will automatically deduct from the total to show as Amount Remaining. (see screen shot below)

Editing a Budget

If a user tries to raise a PO that exceeds the budget level set, then the system will not let them raise that PO. A message to that effect will be shown to the user, telling them the budget has been excceeed and asking them to consult the relevant Department budget controller. The budget controller can then elect to increase the budget – using the Modify button- or not.

At any time nominated users can see the status of all the budgets in the system, and there is also a Report for all budgets in the Reports section (see the following 2 screen shots).

If PO's are subsequently rejected or cancelled in the system, the relevant budget will be adjusted automatically.

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