Administration Tool

This optional module will be invaluable for larger clients, where there are multiple Purchase Order creators and approvers.

There are 2 levels of Admin Tool and cost (see sections below for detail):

1. Task Manager (Moving a Task to another user)

When someone is away from the office – sickness or holiday or business- and they don’t have access to their email and internet connection to the POPIA system, a nominated client administrator will be able to access current tasks and on a one off basis, move an individual task to another relevant approver.  As this takes an item for approval outside the set workflow, the new approver will not get an email alert; the administrator will need to contact them to advise that they have a new task to approve.
The benefit of this function is that orders  or invoices don’t get ‘stuck’ due to unforeseen circumstances.

2. User Manager Controls

Once the specified system has been delivered, this advanced Admin module will allow new users to be set up within existing roles in the system; There is also the ability to register new users, take out or replace users within the roles in the workflows set up, as per system specification. There is also the ability to change passwords for individual users.



The Task Manager tool costs £375, incl. a training session but if ordered at the same time as a main system, the price will be £275 plus vat to include training for a nominated Administrator at Client.

The combined Task and User Manager toolkit will cost £450 plus a training session of 1 hour at £75 plus vat. The User function will be most suited to larger organisations (using a concurrent licence model) and as use of this tool can materially affect structured workflows, Clients should consider this option with care, and should adopt only if there is a suitable candidate for training with some knowledge of data base structures.