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Full UK cloud based digital purchase order system solutions

Controlling the procurement process is key to businesses in all industry sectors and sizes of organisation from charities to manufacturing to football and golf clubs. And having a Purchase Order system and can save substantial amounts of money, as well as improving supplier relations - and not only for large companies.

We can offer 4 solutions in the Purchasing software arena, to suit your individual business needs, that have all functionality on smart phones for full mobility, and include functions such as :

  • Budgetary controls (by department or project)
  • Customised approval workflows
  • Customised reporting suite
  • Importation of supplier price lists
  • Goods receipting
  • Credit note handling
  • Export of approved PO’s, Supplier Invoices and Credit’s for import to an accounts system such as Xero and SAGE

Why not take advantage of a free, no obligation remote demonstration to see how these and other functions can improve and control your procurement process.

Create a digital purchase order using just 2 easy steps

Step 1

• Select Company, Department or Project based PO.
• Select the supplier
• Add special instructions, justification (if required)
• Add Delivery date
• Select Payment method



Step 2

• Add individual lines for the PO detail, as many as required.
• Select the relevant budget (powering cost centres / nominal codes)
• Add the item description or select from a product price list for the supplier
• Select quantity
• Insert the line
• When ready save the PO and send for approval

Customised Approval Workflows

The e-purchasing order software has approval workflows that are custom designed for each client, to meet individual business needs

• Single or multiple steps e.g. by value
• Approvers can view key details and drill to the PO
• Approve, cancel or reject (return to PO creator for amendment) at each stage
• Once fully approved the Purchase Order will be emailed as a PDF to the supplier



Many more features and functions to see during our no obligation, free software demo

Out of Office

Multi level customised searches

Easy supplier invoice import and indexing tools

Invoice / Credit note approval options

Status dashboards

Close and revoke PO’s

Admin level tools (add new companies, suppliers, delivery addresses)

Full users admin controls (new and existing)

Set up supplier goods descriptions and prices centrally

Import existing PO's and supporting documents from another legacy system

Video training is provided for our purchase order management software based on our approved test system and you’ll receive a number of hours in your annual support package to use in whatever way your business needs.

Get in touch to book a free online demonstration with one of our purchase order  software system specialists by using our contact form or call us freephone on 0800 840 3336 

Viewing Tasks in the system

Dashboard overview of Budget Status

Use our digital purchase order systems on multiple devices such as PC, Lap Top, Tablet, Net Book and Smart Phone

All our solutions are intuitive and usable by all standards of employees.Working across all hardware platforms orders or invoices can be approved on the move.